Best Automotive tips for your car

    Use a broom to clean the snow from the car. For the same you can cut the handle of the broom main store it in trunk.
    Our hands usually get hit by the odor because of filling tank, so just carry few handy wipes in your glove box.
    Baking soda and water can help you to get rid of auto grease.
    Use hubcap as a shovel when auto gets stuck in mud, snow or sand.
    If you are trying to aim the center of the garage while parking, for that use luminous tape or paint a bright color strip.
    Do not warm your car in garage if you have an attached garage.
    For better contact apply Vaseline on battery posts
    Pour carbonated soft drink over the car battery terminals if they are heavily corroded.
    Use peanut butter to remove tar from your car.
    Improve the wipers life by rubbing them with sandpaper when they began to wear down.


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