Tesla's Model X deliverable in late 2016

The 7-passenger SUV is packed with all the imaginable features and with state-of-the-art safety five-star adaptations. Tesla considers safety to be the most important feature in a car and that was the starting point of its presentation.

What probably interests the public uppermost is the price. The P90D model starts at a price of $132,000.  If you have that kind of money, these are some reasons why you might want to considering getting this car. Some of the most prominent features of the Tesla’s Model X to be released in 2016 are:

  • The rear doors are “falcon wing”. This feature provides more space and practicality for passengers to enter the third row.  They are electrically open so you don´t have to lift them.  The second row seats are electronically pulled forward and a passenger can easily enter the third row of seats. This feature also makes it easier for the baby safety seat to be placed.
  • If you are going for speed (and you have enough highway for it) this vehicle goes from 0 to 60 mph in only 3.8 seconds. 
  • The power output in the front wheels is 259 horsepower and 503 at the rear wheels. 
  • It is a fairly economical car. The EPA has classified this model at the equivalent of 89 miles per gallon (MPGe).
  • A very low center of gravity, with the massive battery placed at a very low spot, this car takes pride in providing safety and stability, even in the event of an accident. This also gives it a comfortable drive and positive steering.
  • The large panoramic view windshield and driving controls in a 17-inch screen on the dashboard makes the cabin look like an airplane cockpit. 

There are many other features of the 2016 Tesla Model X vehicle, which will be discovered in more detail when drivers get the chance to buy and drive it.


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