The 2019 Mercedes G-Class has new redesigned interior

The inside of the Mercedes Benz G-Class received a new interior facelift and we are excited about it! This is the part of this vehicle that has been updated the most.  With this update, the G-Class's interior is looking so much more improved than its earlier version. 

Perhaps the first thing that we can see about the Geländewagen is that it incorporates futuristic gadgets with the vintage look that characterizes this model.  And we are loving it. 

Yes, the steering wheel is still focusing on multi-functionality that it shares with the S-Class - with paddle shift switches and all the functions we already love:  the buttons that control navigation, media, telephone, radio, and car screens. 

The dashboard includes circular air vents and the tweeters on the top of it provides this look like the iconic turn-signal indicator lights.  There are three differential lock switches placed between the air vents and a grab handle to provide stability to the passenger when going through tough terrains. 

The seats have been redesigned to provide a better accommodation and are easier to access.  The space for legs has been increased to a little more than 5 inches. 

Other Improvements:

  • The stronger reinforcement that was given to the car for it to pass the FMVSS 214 side-impact pole testing, the door had to be redesigned and made thicker. 
  • The windshield and side glass are now curved, but this feature will hardly be noticeable.  They have been curved only slightly enough for them not to reflect like mirrors. 
  • Fans of the car considered the sound the hinges make and the sound that power blocks make when they actuate to be crucial. 
  • The aerodynamics update had to be slight since this is not too open to business.  We can expect the coefficient of drag to slightly less than the first version. 

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