Volkswagen's Floating Car

In 2011, Volkswagen (which is German for "People's car") started the People's Car Project in China. The goal of the project was to crowd-source for ideas on a car of the future. A couple of months and 119,000 submissions later, in 2012, Volkswagen released their concept of the hover car of the future.

According to the concept of Volkswagen which was presented at the Beijing Motor Show, the hovering car of the future will look like a doughnut, have a sitting capacity for two people, and float about a foot off the ground.

Electromagnetic strips will be embedded on the road to help in repelling the car the same way a Mag-lev train works to keep the vehicle suspended. Since the car will be following a path that has already been determined, it will also be able to drive itself.

Even though Volkswagen did not explain other concepts of the car other than its hovering ability, common sense would dictate that it will require a propulsion motor for forward motion which will most likely be powered by an electric motor.

The levitating car is fitted with sensors that keep it from colliding with other cars and is controlled by a joystick that gives it impressive maneuverability. According to the concept, the vehicle can move in all four directions and even spin on its axis.

Expectedly, the car produces zero emissions which would be an excellent feature in a world that is choking under increasing green-house gases. 

The hovering car was one of two concept ideas that Volkswagen chose. The other one was a music car which changes its exterior color based on the music the driver plays. They also showcased an advanced touchscreen smart key that has different information about the performance of the vehicle.

Even though the hovering vehicle is just an idea at the moment, designers have always advocated the use of electromagnetic strips on road networks, so in the future, this could become a reality.


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