What's the difference between a V6 and a V8 engine?

Engine size, speed, and fuel intake are important matters to consider when buying a car or truck. When determining the right car or truck for you, the type of driver you are, coupled with the needs you have for a particular vehicle, determines which type of engine is right for your unique needs. In the event you have decided on a particular make and model of vehicle but are torn between which engine to choose, V6 or V8, a few areas need to be considered.

The difference between a V6 and V8 engine is the number of cylinders in the fuel intake. The smaller the engine, the less fuel needed to run the engine.  The larger the engine, the more fuel needed. Therefore, a small car or truck will have a V6 while a larger car or truck will have a V8.  The main difference between the engines (besides the fuel intake cylinders) is the amount of power each engine has the ability to produce. 

When looking for a vehicle to simply drive easily to work or school on smooth terrain, one may choose a V6 engine. The smaller engine will save gas and intense driving will not be needed. The only drawback to this engine is lack of speed.  The V6 engine has less power, requires less gas, and is, thereby, a bit slower than a vehicle with a V8 engine.

In the event you will need a vehicle to power through rough terrain, drive at high speeds, or tow quite a bit of weight, a V8 engine may be the right fit for you. The engine is larger and will require more fuel; however, the strong engine will be able to handle the performance you demand from the vehicle.

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