Coughlin aiming to carry family name over to stock car racing

Cody Coughlin grew up around racing. His grandfather is drag racing Hall of Famer Jeg Coughlin Sr., and his father is NHRA champion John Coughlin. But while those guys are focused on the quarter-mile track, Coughlin was in town for ARCA testing.

He said he is focused on running in circles. John said that’s fine, but it does limit the amount of advice he can pass along. “I can give him more advice at tracks like Daytona where they have these long straightaways,” John Coughlin said, laughing.

“But really, I don’t have any advice. My job is to love him, support him and keep him safe.” Along the way, he doesn’t mind showing the pride he has in what his son is putting together.

Cody Coughlin, 19, turned his first laps at Daytona International Speedway this weekend. It was another big step in a career that seems to be coming together at a steady pace. “It might sound corny,” Cody Coughlin said. “But (Friday) night, we were finishing up drafting and the sun was setting a little bit as we came through Turn 4 and that was bad to the bone.

“It really makes you appreciate this place and how special it is.” Coughlin’s father said he grew up focused on “the stick and ball sports.”

But he said he picked up racing quarter midgets around 11, and has been building a resume he hopes will lead to a seat in a NASCAR ride. He already has signed with Joe Gibbs Racing as a developmental driver.

He also plans to take another step forward this year by running a full ARCA Series schedule as well as running some late model and truck races.


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