Second Win At Indianapolis For Juan Pablo Montoya

Juan Pablo Montoya told his teammates and his sponsor, Penske Oil, that it would be him to win the INDY 500 for a second time.  

Him and his teammates joked around with the press in public displays of friendly competition with each other.  They each proclaimed that they would be the one letting the others take a sip of the celebratory milk.  

Montoya looked as confident as he did back in 2000.  He covered ground trailing and regaining the lead several times during the race.

He was ecstatic in victory lane.  He sported the traditional wreath around his neck, along with a huge milk mustache.

In 2000, Montoya, a Colombian was single and childless.  This go around he had a wife and children.  Montoya has raced in Nascar and F1.

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