Facts about Car Rental

Renting a car for your road trip or any other matter is sure fun and easy, but there are many things that one should be aware about. Here we have a compiled a list of lesser known facts about car rental services offered:


Many people assume that returning a rented car earlier will save you money. Well, you’re absolutely wrong. When you rent a car, you pay money for it for a particular duration. Returning before the duration is a direct loss to you. 

Airport Rental

Renting a car for pickup service from an Airport could cost you more as there is additional fees involved such as recovery charges. Airport rental is even applicable when you rent a shuttle to the airport. 

Credit Card

When you rent a car, your credit or debit card gets hold off by the rental company. This means that the company can access your account’s credit limit. Once the car is returned, the funds are also returned back to your account. 


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