Ford Recalls More Than 300,000 Vehicles For Faulty Latches

Ford, is recalling more than 300,000 late model Lincoln MKZ sedans and Fiestas, Fusions because of faulty latches which allow the doors to fly open when the cars are being driven.

According to Ford, a part which is known as the pawl spring tab can easily break when one is driving and, as a result, the doors of the car can be latched. 

There have been a total of 207 complaints which have been reported to the country's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with regards to Fords faulty latches on the car manufacturer's Ford Fiesta model alone, including 65 cases in which, as per records, the door of the car flew away as it was being driven, this is according to documents which can be found on the government regulators website.

One Ford Fiesta owner wrote to the government and stated that the passenger door of her car flung open when she was making a left turn "I could not close it so I drove with the seat belt tied to the door for four miles to the nearest Ford dealer," the owner of the car wrote.

Vehicles which will be recalled include Fiesta vehicles which were built during 2012 to 2014. Ford goes on to state that these vehicles were built at Cuautitlán Assembly Plant which is located in Mexico between 1st February 2012 and 31st May 2013.

Other cars which are also said to be affected according to Ford are Ford Fission vehicles which were built between 2013 and 2014 at Hermosillo Assembly Plant from 1st July 2012, to 31st May 2013.  Some 2013-2014 Lincoln MKZ vehicles which were built at Hermosillo from 1st July 2012 to 31st May 2013 are also affected with the same problem.



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