How To Clean a Fuel Tank On Your Car

Many cars and motorcycles have metal fuel tanks. This is usually the characteristic for older vehicles. Because many of like having and driving an old car, you will have to clean its tank occasionally. Metal inside a fuel tank is always exposed to the fuel. Eventually, it starts to rust. This means that small pieces of metal can be sucked into the carburetor and cause certain damage. In order to prevent this, you will have to clean your fuel tank.
1.    Locate a fuel tank. Usually it is located at the back of a car. Also, some of them have a protection at the bottom. Remove it.
2.    Locate fuel line and disconnect it.
3.    Locate hoses and disconnect them. A fuel tank usually has 2 hoses.
4.    Disconnect the fuel gauge wiring. This is used to show you, on your dashboard, how much fuel you have in the tank.
5.    Remove the fuel tank. In most cases, it is held with 4 screws. Some cars may have more or even less.
Now you have a fuel tank removed from a car. It is better to buy a new one, but if you are driving a very rare or old car, you cannot find it.
6.    Put screws, pieces of metal and even small rocks inside a fuel tank. Shake it and wash it with water. Only when the water gets out of a fuel tank is clean, you can fit the tank back on a car.
It is a good decision to replace fuel hoses and fuel line. It is very cheap, but you will need a lot of time.  



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