Inside parts of car

Internal parts of cars should be carefully analyze & used for better service & avoid accidents:. Such as :   
Accelerator :it is the pedal that you press with your foot  for speed control.
Air bag :this is special airbags designed to prevent major  hurt in case of accidents this bag in a car immediately fills with air if the car crashes.
booster seat , Back seat, Bucket seat are different types of seat for different purpose.
dash informal the dashboard of a car  where the speedometer and other instruments can be seen.
Dimmer a dip switch for a car’s headlights, dip switch for  making the headlights at the front of a car downwards
Emergency brake its an American a handbrake in a car use in emergencies
footrest :a part of a chair or vehicle that supports your feet near to which a Gas paddle is there which is used to accelerator a car
gearshift,stick shift,gear stick : the short metal lever in a car that a driver uses to change the gears
glove compartment :the small cupboard or shelf in front of the passenger seat of a car
instrument panel:the board that faces the driver or pilot inside a vehicle, ship, or plane, where they can see and operate the controls
safety belt : a seat belt,strong belt in a car or plane that you fasten around yourself to hold you in your seat
sunscreen:a screen that you put on one of the windows inside your car so that it will not get too hot when it is parked in the sun
visor :a flat object at the top of the front window of a car that you pull down to protect your eyes from the sun.


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