Interesting facts about Toyota

Maybe you own or have owned a Toyota car, or you are planning to buy one. This is highly possible because Toyota is the bestselling car in the world. There are many interesting models. In fact, the Toyota Prius is probably the most interesting of them all. If you are one of those who like pure sports cars, you won’t get that from Toyota. But if you are a family man, who just want a car, you should visit Toyota dealer.

•    The famous Toyota Prius is available in more than 70 countries.
•    Toyota was founded in 1937. In 1957 this company started selling cars in the United States.
•    Toyota made 365.000 jobs just in the US.
•    Starting from 1966, Toyota has been selling a new car every 37 seconds. Since 2013 this number has been increased to 27 seconds.
•    Starting from 1957, Toyota is expanding their dealers. In just 50 years, their cars became available in more than 170 countries. You should know that McDonalds has less restaurants than this. There are more than 50 production bases. They are based in more than 25 countries. Toyota makes cars where the demand exists.
•    The Toyota Prius is the first hybrid car available on the market. It started production in 1997. Since 2012, more than million cars were sold each year. 
•    The first country to import Toyota Corolla was Australia. They started importing this model in 1966.
•    Toyota spends $9 billion each years on development.
•    75% of all hybrid cars, Toyota makes are sold in the United States.
•    The Toyota Supra, was in production since 1978. Toyota stopped making this car in 2002.
•    8% of Toyota cars that were sold 20 years ago are still on the roads.


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